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FP7LM Antoinette | Ambiance fireplaces by Valcourt

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FP7LM Antoinette | Ambiance fireplaces by Valcourt

Effectively Heats:
Customer Rating:

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated a voluntary program for manufacturers of decorative wood burning fireplaces to encourage them to produce clean wood-burning appliances that reduce air pollution.

Dare to design... the fireplace of your dreams, while being environmentally friendly.

The FP7-LM Antoinette wood fireplace already qualifies for phase II of that program which aims emission levels at or below the target of 5.1 g/kg (approximately 70 percent cleaner than unqualified models). Thus, you can benefit from a product with low particulate emissions.

Moreover, another advantage of this Valcourt fireplace is its guillotine door that disappears to allow you to load wood on the fire or relax with the crackle of the open fireplace.

The fire screen is also on a guillotine mechanism so you can close it when the ceramic glass door is open. Why Antoinette? Finally, a positive historical reference to the guillotine! The guillotine door and clean front gives you the flexibility to design your fireplace in any way that suits you.

The Antoinette is a truly versatile fireplace and is all about giving you the ability to design your dreaming fireplace.

Discover the additional qualities of the ambiance fireplace Valcourt Antoinette


90% of the last 10 homeowners who have registered their warranty are satisfied with this product.

Heat Output:
Max Log Size:
18 Inches
Physical Dimensions: (L x W x H)
48.875 × 30.75 × 64.125 in


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